In Illinois the probate process is a court-supervised legal procedure that is typically required after an individual dies. The basic purpose is to determine who inherits the deceased person’s real and personal property and to make sure debts and taxes are paid. Probate is handled by the deceased person’s executor, who must:

- Prove in court that the deceased person’s will is valid
- Identify and inventory the deceased person’s assets
- Pay debts and taxes, and
- Distribute the remaining property as the will (or if there’s not will, state law) directs.



We understand that each of our client’s estate planning needs and desires are client specific. That’s why we take the time to meet and to establish rapport with our clients, their families and their trusted advisors. As a result we offer customized estate plans tailored to meet our client’s goals. Our clients are at ease with the knowledge that their personal choices will be honored and enforced. We protect the interests of our individual clients by devising and implementing unique strategies for transferring wealth. We create estate plans to fit particular needs and planning for children and other dependents, reducing the exposure to taxes, business succession and charitable planning. We draft wills, trust agreements, powers of attorney, and
all other family limited partnerships and all other documents required to prepare an effective estate plan.

Our Estate planning practice includes:

- Drafting Last Will and Testament
- Drafting revocable and irrevocable trusts
- Drafting Powers of Attorney
- Estate administration
- Else care planning


Criminal Expungement and Sealing

In many cases, a criminal charge can be permanently removed or hidden from your record with the assistance of an expungement/ sealing attorney in the Chicago area. Expungement allows you to vacate a criminal offense, permanently, from your record. Everyone offense does not qualify for Expungement. Consulting with an Illinois expungement lawyer at Roberson Law, LLC is one of the best ways to learn whether or not your prior criminal record is eligible for an Expungement. If, after evaluating your case, you and your criminal defense lawyer choose to proceed with the Expungement, you can trust that your lawyer possesses the legal knowledge and experience to effectively expunge the offense from your record. Once the Expungement has taken effect, you can answer “no” to any question asking about a prior criminal conviction with impunity. Legally, it is as though it never happened in the first place. 

If your charges are not eligible for an Expungement, your records may still be eligible for Sealing. Once sealed, your criminal record is kept confidential and can only be reviewed for limited law enforcement and sentencing purposes. In Illinois, sealed criminal history records are not released to employers. Even a disposition of supervision on a DUI matter can prevent you from expunging your records, but not from sealing them. In order to determine which remedy you qualify for, contact our law office today! 


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